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What to do if the Milk goes bad?

Milk after a period of time can be unfit for consumption in its current form. It is then converted to other dairy products or if left idle for…

Food protein and powder Protein

Food Protein and Powder Protein

Both protein supplements and whole foods can meet your daily requirement for protein to supply the amino acids that your body cannot manufacture. Your body uses amino acids…

GST and agriculture sector

GST & Agriculture

Agricultural sector is the largest contributing sector the overall Indian GDP. It covers around 16% of Indian GDP. Agriculture in all fields always had the soft corner because of…

Israel and India minister

Agriculture – The cornerstone in India’s partnership with Israel

The highly anticipated visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Israel in July will boost an already strong agricultural partnership between the countries, paving the way for new…

Potassium rich foods

Potassium Power

High-potassium foods are an essential part of any balanced diet. Potassium helps to regulate our body’s fluid levels, aids in muscular function and waste removal, and helps keep…

world hypertension day feature image

World Hypertension Day

World Hypertension Day is celebrated every year on 17th of May to raise the public awareness about the hypertension, its preventive measures and complications. High blood pressure, or hypertension, has…

Raw banana are high in potassium, fiber and vitamin B-6

Green Banana and its benefits

Bananas are typically harvested while they’re still green. This helps ensure they don’t get too ripe before you buy them. Unlike yellow bananas, the green banana are best eaten…

Virat kohli diet and workout

Diet Plan of Virat Kohli

When Virat Kohli first made the headlines, it was just after winning the U-19 World Cup. He has come a long way since then. He is stylish, charming,…

Salt has variety of uses like preservative, taste enhancer, etc.

Salt and its unknown properties.

Saltiness is one of the five primary basic tastes the human tongue can detect.  Those five tastes are: salt, bitter, sweet, sour, and umami. While saltiness is itself one of…

Longan is an exotic fruit native to china

Exotic fruit Longan and its health benefits

Longan, also known as “dragons eye” are soft and smaller than lychee fruits. They are brown in colour and have just one seed which is black in color….